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The project


Gandan Yourte is a company founded in 2006 by love Mongolia and its traditions, Olivier Marchand and Marie Tartamella.

After several trips to the country of yurt, we have developed friendships with some people and artisans of Ulaanbaatar ; we decided to explore the culture of this country, still preserved.

It is through thetraditional yurt that our project has emerged.


The quality

For over 7 years now, we strive to produce products and quality service, to customers who make it well : you are more likely to trust us, we thank you.

qualite-vignetteThe quality is, for Gandan Yurt, THE watchword : four elements differentiate us from the rest of the market :

  1. The quality of the felt : 100% pure sheep wool washed (not synthetic), more insulation, more robust and high humidity
  2. Wood quality : wooden structure that we propose is thicker (poles, walls, pillars, door ...) on other models on the market
  3. The quality of the canvas : we are the only ones to offer different outdoor fabrics including the Techniplus canvas, waterproof and very resistant.
  4. The choice : Gandan Yourte offers very wide range of colors and decorations - canvas and wood elements -

Each of our yurts is handmade. This ensures a added strength : Contrary to the machine, cutting by hand made ​​in the direction of the fiber, wood keeps the nodes and provides a better fit.
This also makes each unique yurt !



Gandan Yourte was also a respect for ethical and responsible.lethique-vignette


By the choice we made to propose Traditional Mongolian yurts, hand made in Mongolia, a whole handicraft who can develop, as part of a fair. Size of wood, sculpture, traditional decorations on wood, decorative paintings ...


We regularly check the work is performed in good conditions, friendly craftsmen.
We are committed to thatno child works in the realization of our yurts.
Our business is primarily a trade with a country we have much to learn.

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