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GN interieurGANDAN NÉO

- 32m2 -


  • 2 large windows with double glazing
  • door + high + wide : 1.80 x 0.90m
  • no threshold
  • canvas full rainscreen
  • hat crystal 8 fasteners
  • water-repellent and anti -uv
  • 8 windows for toono « center circle » …

Price : 9350 euros ttc for 32m2

always felt 100% washed sheep wool, canvas ' vapor ' waterproof and breathable , inner cotton canvas , all necessary accessories to the yurt, and your choice of wood colors and canvas.

Order New yurt Gandan Néo

Order New yurt Gandan Néo

  Exist for 20 m2, 27 m2, 32 m2 and more


 gn exterieur  gn interieur deco

The yurt Gandan Neo is a mix of traditional and contemporary for comfort when you use.

  • - The large windows on each side of the door offer even more light inside and help maintain the beautiful view of the surrounding nature.
  • - Its enhanced form , walls 2 meters , allows using the entire surface of the yurt without stooping.
  • - The highest door - 1.80m - and wider - 0,90m- to enter and exit without bending and allows the installation of large object even after installation.
  • - A height of 3.35 meters in the center for a spacious and comfortable volume.
  • - The absence of a threshold allows access for persons with reduced mobility.
  • - The 8 windows of toono provide better protection against wind.

We chose to keep the two central pillars . Why ? For without these pillars , it is mandatory to reduce the yurt by removing the wood and changing the nature of the felt , and we do not want to. If the nomads in Mongolia choose to use this amount of wood and keep the central pillars is because they are essential to the stability and strength of the yurt ; otherwise they would have gladly saved wood and place.

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