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Eléments disponibles en stock : 1 toileType I n°13 pour yourte 4 murs 

Unchapeau cristal8 attaches pour yourte 8 murs, 66 m2

The painting is a decorative type II synthetic fabric that is superimposed on a canvas type I. It offers different decorations on colored background.


It is mainly dedicated to a specific use , such as events, private parties or special occasion .


Note : pattern / colors may vary slightly according to the loads due to handcrafting ; The following images show only our models of paintings ; disregard of wood and ropes , as well as decorating the bottom of fabric matching skirt decoration that ordering spare parts apart


Canvas 20Canvas 21Canvas 22Canvas 23Canvas 24
Toile-20 Toile-21 Toile-22 Toile-23 Toile-24
Canvas 25Canvas 26      
Toile-25 Toile-26      


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